Xuxinda intelligent has long provided electronic supporting services for high-tech enterprises of instruments and electrical instruments at home and abroad
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Shenzhen xuxingda Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 and headquartered at the foot of the beautiful Phoenix Mountain in Fuyong, Shenzhen, has accumulated strong technical R & D strength while providing electronic supporting services for high-tech enterprises of instruments and electrical instruments at home and abroad for a long time. After five years of technical precipitation, the water meter business department was established. It grew in practice and combined with the production technology advantages of large state-owned enterprises, Shenzhen xuxinda intelligent Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 20 million in 2019.

Shenzhen xindinda intelligent Co., Ltd., closely following the pace of national development, focuses on Smart City matching, leading the development of intelligent water business, and establishes the long-term development strategy of "Internet plus IOT + intelligent metering", applies all the leading...

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  • Intelligent water meter solution of Internet of things
    With the development of smart city and the wide application of new technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing and new generation Internet, the company signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation intention with domestic mainstream operators, and successively launched NB IOT smart water meter, GPRS Internet of things water meter, Lora wireless water meter and Bluetooth water meter by using the special card for Internet of things, Nb IOT module and Lora wireless module...
  • Solution of large diameter remote water meter
    Water fee is the source of income for water supply enterprises, which maintains the normal operation and expanded reproduction of water supply enterprises. Various metering water meters used by water supply enterprises are the basis for water fee recovery and play an extremely important role in the water supply system, among which the management beauty of large-diameter water meters is very important. In order to understand the safety, reliability and stability of the large-diameter water meter remote...

HaveIndependent research and development schemeSmart water cloud platform

WonMore than 30 itemsPatented technology award

Can be achieved domestically“Hydro gas heat”One of the manufacturers of four meter centralized reading technology

Covering the whole seriesIntelligent meter large platform software

AbsorbedNB-IOT remote water meterContinuous innovation and R & D

The whole machine is guaranteed for free for 2 years and maintained for life,Free delivery, commissioning and training in Guangdong Province.

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