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What kind of system is the water department's business charging platform?


The water department business charging management system is a set of customer management, meter management (mechanical meters, IC card meters, remote meters, large-diameter meters), financial management, meter reading and settlement, and charging management (IC card charges, cash charges, bank Collection, mobile payment), invoice management, report analysis, form management, and installation services are a comprehensive water supply management information system. The system adopts B/S (browser/server) architecture design, the system is compatible with the current mainstream browser software, modular design, flexible and convenient configuration, each functional module can be flexibly configured, which is convenient for system upgrade and expansion, and the software interface is beautiful , Simple operation and convenient use, suitable for large, medium and small water supply enterprises. It can be used in stand-alone, LAN, and intrenet networking modes.


●Customer management: customer information management.

●Meter management: mechanical meter, IC card water meter, remote water meter, ultrasonic meter and large-caliber water meter and other meter management.

●Financial management: charge daily report, monthly report, annual report generation, marketing gap analysis.

● Meter reading and settlement: support manual meter reading, remote meter reading, handheld meter reading and third-party manufacturers and other meter reading data entry.

●Support one account, one meter, and one account with multiple tables; support daily settlement, monthly settlement, quarterly settlement and multiple settlement methods.

●Multiple charging methods: IC card prepaid, remote prepaid, postpaid, account pre-storage, IC card + remote copy, IC card + remote prepaid and other charging methods coexist.

●Diversified price settings: support composite price, proportional price, each price can be set with different types of expenses.

●Tiered price support: support monthly, annual, and population-based settlement methods.

●Invoice management: Invoice process management such as receipt, registration, distribution, invoicing, reporting, statistics, etc., users can flexibly change the format and layout of invoices.

●Meter management: water meter equipment, daily maintenance, meter work order, water meter reading and other process management, to realize the refined management of meter data.

●Reporting and installation business management: adopting the design of workflow management mode, can customize the design form and node process.

●SMS reminder function: support SMS reminder function of arrears, valve control, and fault information.

●Data export: Support data export in multiple formats such as text, EXCEL, DBF. SQL SERVER.ORACLE.

●Adopt component system development framework: each functional module can be flexibly equipped. It is convenient for system upgrade and expansion.

●Rich chart analysis functions: Supports chart analysis functions such as usage analysis and expense statistics.

●Security authority control: different roles can be set to control the operator's access authority.

●Convenient system installation and deployment: wizard-style installation mode, you can install and upgrade the system simply by choosing.

● Third-party online payment system bank network charging\mobile mobile payment\Alipay payment\WeChat payment UnionPay POS mechanism card payment.