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After years of rapid development, the company has accumulated a solid foundation in the R&D and manufacturing of smart meters, remote meter reading and charging systems, hydropower energy metering, energy efficiency monitoring and management platforms, etc., and has accumulated a solid foundation in product development, technology application, manufacturing experience, production capacity, after-sales service, etc. All aspects occupy a leading position in the country.

Geographical advantages: The company is located in Shenzhen, the first coastal city of the country to reform and open up. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has formed the advantages of industrial agglomeration, talents, technological innovation, institutional innovation, and advanced technology. Advanced technology, top technical talents in the industry, learning from advanced management systems, and innovative cooperation models inject vitality into the development of the enterprise.

Product advantages: The product covers a full range of smart meters, multi-functional data collection terminals, protocol converters, concentrators and other collection communication equipment, large-scale platform software, and has the ability to integrate resources across industries. It is a domestic master that can achieve "water, electricity, heat" One of the manufacturers of four-meter integrated reading technology, which can provide software and hardware integrated meter reading technical solutions for users in water affairs groups, power grid companies and other industries.

Technical advantages: Energy metering products and software products with independent intellectual property rights that have reached the international advanced level; the first domestic research and development of prepaid technology and the first to launch products that have been widely used in the market; the first infrared communication technology to be applied to smart meters; the largest domestic infrared Remote control water meter production base; the company is committed to highly integrating the Internet of Things technology with the traditional metering industry and applying it to the field of energy measurement. The company has won the "double high title" of the national high-tech enterprise and the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise.

Quality advantage: Adhering to the concept of "customer first, service first; customer dissatisfied, service does not stop", the sales and service network spreads all over the country, and branches and offices have been set up in more than 30 provinces and cities to provide customers with fast , High-quality localized services, and can also provide customers with data hosting services, remote online services, customized services, and 400 telephone consultation services nationwide 24 hours a day.

Service advantage: Adhering to the concept of "customer first, service first; customer dissatisfied, service will not stop", the sales and service network has established branches and offices in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country to provide customers with fast and high-quality Localized services can also provide customers with data hosting, remote online services, 24-hour national 400 free telephone consultation services, etc.

Innovative advantages: The products meet the industry needs of water affairs groups, and also meet the energy metering needs of universities, smart apartments, large enterprises, and commercial real estate; based on years of communication and in-depth exchanges with customers in different industries, we have accumulated rich experience in use. Understand the troubles and management pain points of different customers; accurately grasp the needs of customers, provide customized solutions in different subdivisions, pioneering combination of various products, forming a variety of personalized solutions, and winning customer praise; won the 2016 Shenzhen "Independent" "Innovative Benchmarking Enterprise".

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