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Smart meter
485 three-phase smart meter
  • 485 three-phase smart meter
485 three-phase smart meter

Dtsy single-phase charge control intelligent electric energy meter (module) is an intelligent electric energy meter with the functions of forward and reverse time-sharing rate electric energy measurement, data processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, information interaction and so on. RS485 communication network can be used as a way of remote meter reading and switching on and off, which is suitable for residents and other single-phase users with decentralized installation. This product complies with the technical specifications of the State Grid.

Service hotline:

15814469667 Ms.Chen

List of parameters

Meter model DTSY       1Level
Voltage specification 3×220/380V
Current specification 1.5(6)A  、5(60)A  20(80)A、10(100)
Wiring mode Three phase four wire system
Parameter monitoring It can monitor the voltage and current of each phase in real time
Metering function It can measure active power, reactive power and four quadrant reactive power
Data storage It can store the historical power consumption data of the current 12 months
Communication interface 1 channel RS485 interface, far infrared communication interface
Communication protocol DL / t645-1997 communication protocol
Product size L×W×T:290mm×170mm×85mm

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