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Camera direct reading water meter
4G code scanning water control machine
  • 4G code scanning water control machine
4G code scanning water control machine

The 4G water control system is composed of three functional blocks: investor management background (cloud server), student mobile phone applet (card), and water control computer. The data is transmitted remotely from the terminal water control machine to the cloud server in real time. All terminal water control machines do not need wiring. The data is transmitted remotely through 4G wireless. Students can directly operate through mobile phone small programs or control water use through cards
Service hotline:

15814469667 Ms.Chen

Product parameters

function describe
Billing mode The minimum billing traffic is 1L, and the accuracy can be 0.1 L as required
Interactive mode Mobile applet scanning and card swiping
Communication mode 4G
Recharging method WeChat
Type of read-write card MIFARE compliant cards (S50, S70), CPU cards
Card issuance unlimited
Reading and writing time <0.2 second
Read-write distance 25mm—50mm(Card can be put in)
Low value alarm amount ≤ 2¥
Show High brightness LCD with Chinese display, able to display balance and consumption process
storage capacity Cumulative consumption times and total amount
Billing accuracy 0.01 ¥
Applicable water temperature 0℃∽100℃
working voltage DC12V±5%,power waste<5W
Overall dimensions 145mm×80mm×76mm(Long × wide × High)
Weight 1.2kg
Operating environment Temperature: - 20 ℃~ 60 ℃, relative humidity: 10% ~ 90%


Fully waterproof design, the upper and lower shell interfaces are waterproof with silicone seals
The faults of solenoid valve and flowmeter can be seen directly in front of the computer after data analysis by the all-in-one card software
Contactless IC card/CPU card scanning is adopted. Compared with magnetic card and contact IC card, it has the advantages of contactless, easy to use, higher confidentiality and reliability
Free control of water outflow and water cut-off, which is convenient for use and avoids the potential risk of equipment water inflow
With indication function, green indicator light indicates water discharge
4G IOT water control computer communication mode is adopted to realize online upgrade
There are two consumption modes: time mode and traffic mode. Users can choose one according to their own conditions
Record consumption details, and store 1000 consumption details in offline mode
The consumption mode and deduction rate of the controller can be set by using the management card or downloading software, and the parameters and consumption details on the water control computer can be initialized
Support traditional window card opening and window recharge modes
Support students to use cards and parents to recharge
It has the blacklist function and refuses to consume the lost card


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