Internet of things intelligent water meter

With the development of smart cities and the widespread application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and the new generation of Internet, the company has signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation intention with mainstream domestic operators to adopt the Internet of Things special cards and NB-IoT modules provided by the operators, The LoRa wireless module has successively launched NB-IoT smart water meters, GPRS Internet of Things water meters, LoRa wireless water meters, Bluetooth water meters, etc., using the wide area coverage of the communication network, effectively solving the traditional need for multiple technology combinations for water companies and difficult to achieve water meter measurement The problem of accurate, real-time, massive, and fast upload of data, and the GPRS/CDMA network, NB-IoT network, LoRa wireless network and other communication technologies are deeply integrated with the process control and internal management of water enterprises, and improve management by mining and operating water information resources With efficiency and effectiveness, smart water management in cities such as water supply, water consumption, water consumption, drainage, sewage collection and treatment, and comprehensive utilization of recycled water has gradually become a reality, especially for large-diameter water meters in large-diameter pipelines to realize remote monitoring, inspection, and data Collection, GPRS/CDMA positioning, regular multi-frequency uploading of data and other functions, through real-time monitoring, reduce the gap between production and sales in the water supply industry, and improve the marketing management level of the water company; GPRS/CDMA Internet of Things water meter, NB-IoT smart water meter, LoRa wireless The infrastructure construction of water meters represents the development trend of smart water services from digitization to smartness to ecologicalization. The Internet of Things and smart water meters will bring about a comprehensive innovation of the water service system.

This scheme adopts wide area network communication technology. The scheme has the advantages of simple networking and no wiring. Each water meter has its own holding points and advantages, and users can make different choices according to the actual situation.

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