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Multichannel collector
  • Multichannel collector
Multichannel collector

The collector is an expansion network device of AMR intelligent meter reading system. Each output port leads out an expansion bus, which connects the meter unit. The collector establishes a channel for the intelligent meter reading network terminal equipment and manages the meter unit, so that the structure of the meter reading network is clear, the work is localized, and the communication efficiency is improved.

Service hotline:

15814469667 Ms.Chen

Product parameters

project primary coverage
Overall dimensions 130mm*97mm*24mm
Communication mode

Type A: uplink RS-485 downlink RS-485

Type B: uplink RS-485 downlink M-BUS

Load capacity 4-channel output, each channel can be equipped with 64 ordinary photoelectric water meters or 32 valve controlled water meters
Transmission capacity The maximum transmission distance of meters and meters is 300 meters
Protection class RS-485/M-BUS interface, 600W lightning surge protection for each line
work environment Temperature: - 20 ℃~80 ℃ Humidity: 0%~95% RH
Working power supply DC12V/2A

Product features

With lightning protection function and bus isolation function
The internal circuit can automatically sense the direction of data flow, automatically switch the enabling control terminal, and amplify and enhance the signal
The system accesses the inner table unit of the corresponding collector output channel through addressing, without affecting the work of the inner table unit of other collector output channels
Provide power supply and communication channel for meter unit during network data transmission
Amplifying the signal of the communication link can extend the network transmission distance and increase the network load capacity
It only supplies power to the meter unit at the moment of meter reading, reducing the overall power consumption of the system and having strong anti-interference capability

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